Events for humanity: The first question -

Can we create  a cooperative model to produce events that lifts up communities. 

Second question: How to produce events where lifting up a regions communities are the goal.

Working theory:

Weaving in support for community needs, fostering regional resilience. Leave a Trace™ events can foster an innovative collaboration between a regions networks of non profits, businesses and government programs.

Inspired by the power of gathering to bring attention to communities in need, like the 1971 Concert for Bangladesh.

Community benefit gatherings like Portlands village building convergence

Transforming under utilized physical space for public good like the Free Space movement 

And allowing human to human collaboration and mutual aid like Burners without Borders.

It's early days here, but we want a platform that you can be proud to be a part of, are you willing to jump in and help us guide this vision forward.

Think you can do it or already are? Tell us about it, we are here to learn and grow.