We see a world where people gather together not only to celebrate, but also to lift each other up. We envision events that can be developed by communities to address their core needs.

From cross sector gatherings that weave together the missions of private, public and governments sectors to address common social and environmental goals.

We Imaging "Leave a Trace Events", that put local communities and regional resilience at the center of more festive gatherings.

- Our Model: We see events, from conferences, to music festivals as oppurtunities to leverage the impact of human gatherings to benefit the regions in which they are held far beyond simple ecnomic influx.



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Miro is where we map taxonomies and visually records the meetings of focus groups. Orientations will be offered for those who would like to join in and add to the mapping.


The Co-Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth is a doers manual. A project of the Buckminster Fuller institutes, Design Science Studio